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Are you interested in working on our Catering Trailer or staffing Stanton Park Kiosk on weekends/holidays and getting paid for your efforts?  We can offer varied roles at different events, mostly during the summer or at weekends and aim to pay the Real Living Wage (currently £11 per hour). 


The principle behind how we operate is that to enable us to pay our young adults, we need each one to be accompanied by a volunteer.  This can be a relation, adult volunteer or personal assistant (including those funded by Direct Payments).  We are happy to fund DBS checks if the accompanying person doesn't have one in place and will provide training for both them and the young adult.

Roles we offer include:

  • Serving customers (from inside and outside the trailer)

  • Preparing food and drinks

  • Cleaning (during and after an event)

  • Marketing at events (leaflets, mobile sales)

  • Taking payments (cash and credit cards)

  • Choosing and purchasing supplies

  • Anything else event-specific

We don't expect you to work at every event or for the whole duration of the event; we want you to work the hours and roles that you feel would benefit you most.  We want you to build skills that will help you in obtaining further paid work with other organisations by focusing on your confidence, work place skills (especially related to the catering industry) and social skills.

We strive to use safe and easily used equipment in the preparation of our food, to minimise the chances of accidents.  Our till systems is based on an iPad running iZettle POS software and our speciality coffee is made using an easy to use automatic coffee machine rather than a complicated espresso model, but produces the same quality coffee with fewer risks.

As we are based in Swindon, Wiltshire, most of our events are within the surrounding area.  Why not come and visit us at one of our events (they are listed on our Facebook page) or get in touch via email or phone to have a chat.

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